25 August 1987
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Help me?

Don't hate. Put this in your profile if you live hate-free.

I'm madly in love with lemon green tea, Doctor Who, making icons, and PB&J sandwiches. Grape jelly, of course.

I have nicknames: Debbers, Debrawr, Fai, Pong
I like movies: The Breakfast Club, V for Vendetta, American History X, and Girl Interrupted are total <3
I like authors: Robert Jordan, Terry Goodkind, and Shakespeare
I like television: Doctor Who, Torchwood, The X-Files, and yes, Jeopardy. I'm sorry, that's the way it is.

I'm not a vegetarian. Sort of. But I do like tofu.

Onto the business!

-I make icons for people! Send a request and I'll see what I can do!
-I get all of my caps from: http://time-and-space.co.uk , http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho , http://www.david-tennant.com , http://aliora.net/balthier/balthier.html , or Google image searches.
-All of the brushes or gradients I use came with Photoshop unless otherwise noted. Such as now. I get a lot of brushes from http://brushes.500ml.org & http://obsidiandawn.com & http://www.psbrushes.net/photoshop_sub.php & http://getbrushes.com/, and textures from http://www.fontplay.com :) * eluminat
-I get my series 3 Doctor Who caps from the lovely cappers at tennant_love
-If you use any of my icons, I love comments, and credit is pretty much required.
-My fanfiction is bad and usually fluffy. I have no betas because I have no idea what the H goes on in the fanfic-writing subculture. :P

Enjoy my life!

Review my fics! Or I'll cry! D:

By the way...