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16 May 2007 @ 08:56 pm
This is Debbers reminding you all to add my new journal of amazement, mr_liam_to_you

Like, now. Srsly.

<3 you all.
08 May 2007 @ 11:41 am
It's me.
Don't make LJ accounts while drunk; you'll change your mind down the line!
Paul is currently in his car. Driving. To Waupaca. :D
:D :D :D
He should be here around 8 or 9.


In other news; my brain is currently being savagely attacked by several angstyriffic plot bunnies.
With fangs.

Elliott Smith's record label is releasing a new album of his unreleased songs. It's two CDs long, and I've heard all of the songs, but I'm buying it, yo. RIP buddy <3
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So, I have bi-polar disorder, right.
But you know, it's not like I go from smiles to rage in a minute.
When my moods shift, something triggers it and I just kind of turn apathetic for a day or six.

Well, my mom is like. Fucking insane.
Like, I'm normal compared to her.

LOL LJ CUTCollapse )

I'm going to go rampage through Waupaca on my bike, I think. Or hide at the library. Fuck this house. x_x And its couch.
Oh snap Chapelle quotes.

So yes.
Is it sad that I go to the library to get out of the house? D:
But I think they got my Doctor Who audiobooks in. 8D Win, right thurr. Life will be good.

PAUL'S GOING TO BE HERE IN A DAY. Well, little more than that. About 9pm tomorrow night. But still. So much happy. :D :D :D
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07 May 2007 @ 05:03 am
I woke up at 3am. D: And watched The Impossible Planet. For teh wins. It's too fucking early. Seriously yo. How can people do this shit on a regular basis?!

And how in the shit am I supposed to ride my bike to work in the pitch black night?! D: I have to leave in fifteen minutes, and I don't think the sun's going to rise in that time. :(

So lame.

I have to mow the lawn when I get home. What.
And then taking a fecking god damn nap.

Paul's gonna be here in a daaaaaay. And a half. Ish.
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Les Miserables is so fantastic.

I used to listen to the OBC soundtrack like every day. I can sing along to almost every song. I had a big old crush on Philip Quast, Terrence Mann, and Colm Wilkinson for a while. (Two Javerts and Jean Valjean) So good.

I really should finish reading the novel. Unabridged, bitches. I just don't really like Victor Hugo's writing style. The stories he tells are brilliant and amazing and beautiful, but I just can't like the way he tells them. It seems like he wastes paragraphs and pages and even CHAPTERS describing stupid, pointless things. =\


Work was boring.
I bought Camel No. 9's. They have a PINK CAMEL on them. Made me giggle when I gave one to a big burly dude I work with.

Work at 6am tomorrow. Deb = ded.


And btw, don't catch diabetes. Stabbin' yourself in the stomach SUCKS.
...because diabetes is SO catchable. ;D ;D
06 May 2007 @ 02:56 pm
Semi-running commentary on 03x06, The Lazarus ExperimentCollapse )

I really hope he either smacks the Doctor or kisses him, or both. XD
Electric Six fucking wins. XD <3

So I worked a big fat noon to 8pm shift instead of seven to whatever; my sister and I switched. Win. Although those 8 hours went so fucking slowly. Daaaaaamn.

I work 9-1 tomorrow, 6a-2p on Monday. That'll be PURE HELL.

Then I'm off for like a week because PAAAAUUUUL'S VISITING :D :D :D

So today is Waupaca's 150th birthday, and there's free beer downtown, which I could easily obtain as I have many 21+ acquaintances. HOWEVER. I am responsible. So I'm not going.

Plus I don't want to go to work hungover like half the other MFs will be. D:

Plus(v2) I'm not fond of beer, usually. :(

I think I've partied so much since I turned 18, I've already gotten kind of bored of getting completely trashed whenever the opportunity presents itself. It's like, yeah, I like getting drunk. Like, really drunk.
And if this were two years ago, I'd probably go drink a lot of nasty beer, get really drunk, and go to work hungover tomorrow morning.
But I'm not! Because I'm cool!

So, I have to watch the new Doctor Who episode, and I have work at 9am tomorrow, meaning I have to wake up at 7am-ish. Do I watch now and work the measly four hours extremely tired? Or do I do the responsible thing and watch it tomorrow after work?

...I think the answer is CLEAR.

Because he's such a charming man...Collapse )

Review posted later tonight ;P I'm still a teenager for a few months; I don't have to be responsible yet. >.> *snort* Ah yeah.
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05 May 2007 @ 01:53 am
I have an icon drabble. It's cracktastic.
A Relaxing Day at the ZooCollapse )

Make it two!

TrousersCollapse )
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04 May 2007 @ 11:26 pm
What in the shit happened to Lindsay Lohan's freaking face?! I'm looking at that stupid fucking "Georgia Rule" ad LJ's been flashing me for the past week, and it's starting to frighten me. Like seriously. Holy plastic surgery. Now she really is a Plastic! :O O:

Yes I really have watched that movie. (Mean Girls) ;__; ...Yes, I enjoyed it. It's one of my deepest, darkest supersekrits. That really is how high school is though. Maybe not as intense as that, but it really is. Was.

For some ridiculous reason, I loved high school. Everyone I know hated high school, but for me, those last two years were fucking brilliant. It wasn't just skipping school to go smoke during lunch with Niki; I even enjoyed it while I was actually there. My teachers fucking rocked, for the most part; I enjoyed learning most of the time; it was good stuff. And I didn't have bills or tickets; I didn't worry about getting into school because I was already there. At the time, I figured that life sucked and I had too much on my shoulders. But now, I WISH all I had to worry about was finding a way to skip class without pissing off Rayome. I wish all I had to worry about was whether or not I really wanted to wake up at 7am for Environmental Resources extra credit hiking. Fuck, if only.

But it's not so bad. Life was easier, but it's not like I have a TARDIS.
Yeah, I'm growing one in my closet; it's bigger on the inside. Most kids have a pot plant in their closet; I have a bigger-on-the-inside space-and-time ship. Fuck yeah.

Ganked from a post in time_and_chips i thinkCollapse )

And on that note, I'm off to crack!fic-land.
Two SOOPARSURPRIZE fics: Freak Lawnmower Accident, a thought-provoking, endearing Torchwood story. It lightened my heart. Swanson for wins.

The best babyfic ever. In which the Doctor and Romana make a baby. It's beautiful, really.
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